Cycle Day 19 – TTC Tag Video

Hey ladies!

I was supposed to be visiting my mom right now but her new kitten has ringworm so we decided it was best for me to just stay home. I didn’t want to catch it and then give it to my husband and/or our kitties! I’m super bummed since I don’t get to see her that often. She’ll be coming to visit in about a month for Christmas though so at least I will still get to see her soon!

As far as ovulation, today is CD 19 and I got another negative test. My husband is still convinced that I am pregnant because he said he can just “feel it”. I think¬†just last month during the time when I missed my period for two months he said the same thing though. As much as I am hoping he is right, I just really don’t think I am. Only time will tell.

Since I haven’t ovulated and don’t have much to update on, I did a TTC Tag video. If you want to get to know a little more about my TTC journey then check it out ūüôā

My Furbabies


         Angel and Mittens

Okay, so this post has nothing to do with TTC but it does have something to do with being a mom. Well, a mom of two furbabies!¬†Even though they are nothing like a real child I still feel like I’m getting some ‘practice’ in. They are both very needy, especially Angel. She always has to have my attention…well, when it suits her. I have had Mittens since I was 12 and my husband and I adopted Angel in August 2010. I have so much love for them so I can’t wait to feel the love I will have once I have a baby!

Tomorrow is CD 11 so hopefully I will have some good news to share!!