Hey everyone!! So it has been quite a while since I’ve posted anything so I just wanted to give you all an update. I have still been trying to conceive, I just took a break from blogging/vlogging about it. Since I am usually a more private person it has been hard posting update after update with no real good news. I just assumed I would start this blog out as trying to conceive and then shortly after already be pregnant. I realize it really isn’t that simple and I am coming to terms with the fact that my TTC journey may end up being a LOT longer than I anticipated.

I decided to just focus on my husband and myself for a while to see if maybe I would end up with my BFP. I feel like that might not have been the best idea though. I’m thinking that because I am STILL on the same cycle as I was when I did my last post in the middle of January. It seemed like my cycles were slowly getting back on track and my last cycle I actually ovulated so I was really hopeful. My last cycle I ovulated on CD 19 and it was a 29 day cycle, which was pretty darn regular compared to the cycles before that. I was so sure that this cycle I would either ovulate a few days earlier or at least around CD 19. That did not happen though. I have not ovulated at all this cycle and today is CD 58. Seriously, what the heck?! My longest cycle was 63 days (I believe) but that was a month after I had stopped taking my birth control pills so I figured that was normal. As of yesterday, my period is 4 weeks “late”. I really think that it is just my cycle that is messed up and it is not really late. I have been taking pregnancy tests every week just in case but they have all been negative. I may end up going to the doctor to see if maybe the at home pregnancy tests are giving me false negatives. One can hope, right?! Last time when I had decided to go to the doctor…my period started that same day though. LOL.

I will keep you guys posted if I take another test or if I decide to go to the doctor next week.

Are you ready to join the sisterhood?

Awaiting Autumn nominated me for a Sisterhood of the World Bloggers award. Thank you so much for nominating me and following my TTC journey! I am still pretty new to the blogging world (and don’t post near enough) but am thankful for the ladies I’ve been able to interact with because of this blog and my YouTube channel.


First, here are the rules:
1. Link to the person who nominated you.
2. Add the award logo.
3. Answer the questions your nominator has asked.
4. Nominate 7 other blogs and let them know via comments. (I only have 4 since don’t have that many people I follow yet, I better get to following some more ladies!)
5. Ask your nominees 10 questions. 

My Q&A: 

1. If you could live in any decade from the 1900-2010s, which one would it be and why?

This is a really hard one for me since there are a couple of different decades I would have loved to live in. Anywhere from the 1950s to the 1970s would have been perfect for me though. Those three particular decades would be fitting with my personality and interests. I have been told on different occasions that I am an old soul and I always wonder what my life would have been like if I grew up in a different time. I guess if I have to pick just ONE then I would say the 1950s though. Even though I love technology, I feel like it was just a much simpler and happier time.

2. Cats or dogs? OR BOTH!

Cats. All day everyday. Crazy cat lady fo life!!

3. If money was no object, what would your ideal day look like?

It would depend on the day. If money was no object, then ideally I would love to be able to just travel all over the world. One day we may be waking up to go to the beach and another day we would be in Japan visiting the Tokyo Imperial Palace.

4. What is your WORST secret admirer experience?

I don’t believe I have had a bad one. Or if I have then I must have blocked it out! LOL

5. If you had a warning label, what would yours say?

WARNING: NOT a morning person!

6. What was your first job? What did you like about it? What did you dislike about it?

My first job was working at the movie theater. I liked the fact that I could get in free and could have free popcorn while working (I would eat it with nacho cheese on top and jalepenos). The people I worked with were awesome too. I disliked the fact that I would smell like stale popcorn after working my shift. Gross!

7. Would you rather take 1 shot in the bum daily or 2 vaginal suppositories 3x daily?

Neither sounds fun! Since I absolutely hate needles I would go with the vaginal suppositories though.

8. What’s the number 1 thing you want to cross off your bucket list?

Having a baby is the number one thing I want in life…not sure if I would say it is on my bucket list per se though. If that doesn’t count then I would say going to Japan is my number one.

9. Hot or cold?

Hot. I absolutely despise the cold.

10. What’s your favourite holiday?

Halloween all the way! I love the decorations, dressing up, horror flicks, and all of the candy that is horrible for me. Bridget Marquardt is my Halloween spirit animal (if you ever watched The Girls Next Door then you’ll know who I’m talking about). I also love Christmas too, which is why The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies…my two favorite holidays in one!

My Nominees

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The Nominee’s Questions:

1. What do you miss most about your childhood?

2. Tea or coffee?

3. Who is your favorite character in a novel or film and why do you like them so much?

4. If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be and why?

5. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

6. What was the last thing that happened to make you laugh so hard you cried?

7. What was the last book that you read?

8. Do you have any hidden talents? If so, what are they?

9. If you could have any fictional animal for a pet, who would it be?

10. What is your favorite season?

Looking forward to seeing your responses! 🙂

Spoke Too Soon…

Some of this post may be a bit TMI…so you have been warned! LOL

Well, what I thought was implantation bleeding is actually EAF (EVIL Aunt Flow). WHY?! I wasn’t getting my hopes up, but I really felt confident with how this cycle went and felt like everything was pointing to me getting a BFP. Yesterday as the day went on I had some more spotting and it was getting more and more reddish. It was a very light flow though and I was thinking maybe it was still implantation bleeding. It was more than a few drops but was only happening when I wiped. Then today it has been getting more and more heavy as the day has gone on. As you can imagine, I am super bummed and a bit confused. My last cycle was 35 days long and so I wasn’t really expecting AF until next week. With CD 1 starting yesterday that now means that I had a 29-day cycle this time.

When will the madness stop?? Sometimes I just want to yell at my ovaries and my uterus…seriously, what is up with my body? HA. I am really starting wonder if there is something wrong though since we had such perfect timing with my ovulation this past cycle. This is probably my paranoid side but part of me wonders if this is my period or a possible miscarriage. I mean, how do you know? I wasn’t due to start for another week so I just feel so unsure. Like I said…paranoid.

I really do appreciate all of the well wishes and baby dust that you amazing ladies have been sending my way though! I’m going to keep on trying and one of these cycles it WILL happen.

Implantation Bleeding?

So today is 11 DPO and I am wondering if I am having implantation bleeding or just spotting before my period. I have been having a few “symptoms” that have led me to believe I am pregnant but am still not sure if it is all in my head. Then, late last night I had some brownish spotting. This morning I had some more and it was more of a pinkish color. According to things I am reading online this could be implantation bleeding. It occurs 6-12 days after you ovulate and about a week before your period is expected. I am exactly in that time period! I took this little quiz online just for fun to see what it said. According to the internet “expert” quiz, what I am having definitely seems to be implantation bleeding.

For some reason I am just not sure though. I have felt a lot more positive/relaxed this cycle and both my husband and I have felt like I really am pregnant this time. I just hate to get my hopes up and then be disappointed once again. I still haven’t taken a pregnancy test though because I really wanted to wait until my missed period next week. That’s the other thing…if this is actually my period starting up then my cycle day length has changed once again! Bleh.

Also, according to my husband he thinks that I am pregnant. He said HIS breasts are sore so that’s a for sure sign that I am pregnant!! LOL. I’m glad he can still make me laugh even when I’m stressed out 😀

I guess I will know in a couple of days for sure though! Keeping my fingers crossed…

I’m Back…with a SMILEY!

Hey! Sorry it’s been a few weeks since I’ve given an update!! With it being the holiday season I have just been really busy. I have been getting overtime at work and my mom came to visit so I have just been neglecting my blog and vlog. You didn’t miss much since I didn’t really have any updates though.

I am back at it though and for my first post after my “hiatus” I have an awesome update!! I actually FOR SURE had my LH surge today!!! Can you tell I’m excited?! You would think I had a positive pregnancy test. LOL. Even though I haven’t been updating on here, I started temping and have still been using my OPKs. Yesterday I had a really dark line on my Wonfo test strip but I did it pretty late at night so I didn’t use my digital test as a backup. Today my line was as dark as the control line so I made sure I was prepared to do the Clear Blue Digital Ovulation test stick as well. Low and behold, I got a smiley…freakin’ finally! After months of crazy cycles and not being able to detect ovulation, I am able to know that I am for sure ovulating. My husband and I have been BDing and I know sperm can live for a few days so I am really praying and hoping that we had good timing this month. So please keep your fingers crossed for me and send lots of baby dust!!

I’ll be back on track with posting as well and will probably post a video tomorrow too since I’m feeling pretty darn awesome. The 2WW is going to be the longest wait ever!

Here’s a picture of the smiley…in all its glory:



Irregular Cycle and Ovulation

It’s CD 31 and I think I may have finally had my LH surge!! I’m not for sure because the test line was still lighter than the control line…it’s just so close though. I ran out of my ClearBlue digital tests a couple of days ago so I couldn’t test with those as my backup. Of course the days where I actually might be ovulating I run out of my tests. Such is my luck! Yesterday and today were the darkest lines I have seen though so I am thinking that these days may have been my best chances to get pregnant. I am going to keep testing with my OPKs and see if I get a no doubt positive though up until AF shows up.

That brings me to my cycle day length. I am thinking I must still be on an irregular cycle because if I had a 28-day cycle then AF would’ve shown up at the beginning of this week. I did take a pregnancy test today though since there was no sign of the “lovely” lady. It was negative. A BFN! I kind of expected this since my OPKS have been looking pretty close to positive but I just couldn’t help but take a test. My POAS addict ladies will understand! My last cycle was over 60 days though because I started on September 1st and then my next period didn’t happen until November 3rd. I was really hoping that this cycle would go back to a regular one but it’s seeming very unlikely. I don’t know if I should expect AF next week or the week after so I’ll probably take another pregnancy test next week. I’m still hoping we get lucky and conceive on this cycle! I have a vlog up on my YouTube channel if you want to check that out too.

Here are my test strips from the last three cycle days



‘Tis the Season to be Thankful!

Yesterday I did a random little vlog on being thankful because I often take for granted how blessed I am. I just received a new camera as a gift and it was the perfect timing because I was looking into buying a new one. When little things like that happen, it really makes me think of the other small blessings in my life that I may not always acknowledge. I can sometimes be one of those people who will only think about being thankful during this specific time of year. Around this time of year is when everyone talks about “giving thanks” even though we should be doing this throughout the year.

So I just want to say that I am so thankful for my husband throughout this journey. Let’s be honest…they can get stressed out if you’re trying to schedule out every time you are going to have sex! Even though I haven’t been able to detect ovulation, there were a couple of weeks that I found myself trying to “schedule” BDing and it affected us both. We work opposite schedules and some days it can be hard to be spontaneous when our time together is so rushed. You want to make sure that no matter what you don’t turn TTC into just a to-do item on a list! If you’re so busy temping and/or checking for ovulation and will only try during those times, it is never going to go anywhere. Or at least if that’s what you want to do then don’t let your partner know!! LOL. Make it feel fun and exciting for them even if you’re just wanting to do it because it’s a peak day. If you do have a patient, understanding spouse then be sure to thank them for being such a great support system through your TTC journey!

I am also thankful for my amazing family and my friends because they are a great support system as well. They may ask a few questions regarding how things are going but I never feel pressured by them. Also, my husband and I both have great jobs, a roof over our head, and running cars. We complain about these things when stuff goes wrong…BUT at least we have them to complain about. So many people go without and then there are people who take advantage of the great things in their lives.

So even though I haven’t been able to get pregnant yet, I have only been trying for about four months. Yes, this seems like a lifetime on some days! It really isn’t though. There are so many people who have been trying for years and are still unable to get pregnant. I don’t know what the future holds and I may end up struggling with infertility, but right now I am still trying to keep a positive outlook. Any of you ladies struggling to get pregnant, try to keep your head up. I know there are rough days and it can be difficult so if you ever need to vent then I will be more than willing to lend a listening ear!

To end this random post…I am challenging myself to work on being more thankful throughout the year, not just during the holidays. I challenge you to do the same. You may realize that things in your life aren’t really as bad as they seem!

Here is my random vlog if you want to check it out 🙂

Cycle Day 11

Well today was cycle day 11! I tested and sadly I am not ovulating. I am still going to test for the next 6 days and we’ll see if I ovulate at all or not. I don’t really have an accurate cycle length since I missed my period for two months and was just hoping it was a 28 day cycle. Maybe one of the tests will come up positive on one of the remaining six days but if not then I’ll just wait for my next period to get an exact number for my cycle length.

Also, I just want to say thanks to my subscribers…all 4 of you! I know this can be a tough journey and it’s nice to have some ladies who I can relate to. I enjoy reading your posts and I wish you all luck on your journey from TTC to pregnancy!

If you want to check out the most recent video regarding CD 11, here it is:

Fertility Blend Supplement


I’m currently debating whether or not I should take the Fertility Blend supplement. It states that it is a dietary supplement that has a premium formula of nutrients that are essential for fertility health. My husband decided to purchase some for each of us to see if it would help me get pregnant sooner. He has been taking the recommended dosage for the past 2 weeks but I have only taken a couple of capsules. I have been researching online and trying to see what other people think about it. Like with everything, there are pros and cons so I was just wondering if any of you have experience taking it.

I usually try to take a more natural approach to things and have just been trying to cut out junk food and have been eating more nutritious foods. I’m thinking that doing that alone isn’t really doing much for me though.

I have also been looking into ordering some raw Maca root powder because I have heard that it can increase fertility. So if any of you have experience taking that then I would love to hear if it helped or not. If you have information on other things that helped with your fertility, feel free to share that info as well. I’ll probably continue to do some more research before I decide to start taking something regularly. I’ll keep you all posted!

Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure (LEEP) Information

What is a loop electrosurgical excision procedure? It is a procedure a doctor does in order to get rid of abnormal tissues on your cervix. They use a thin, low-voltage electrified wire loop to cut out these abnormal tissues. If you need to have a LEEP procedure, it’s because your pap smear indicated the presence of abnormal cervical cells or cervical dysplasia. Usually, before they proceed with this procedure they will do a colposcopy in order to confirm that there are abnormal cells present. Your doctor will use a lighted magnifying device (a colposcope) so they can see problems that could be missed by the naked eye. If your doctor does a colposcopy then they may put vinegar or iodine (like my doctor did) onto the cervix to see the problem areas more clearly.  If any of these areas turn white from the solution used then they will take biopsies from those areas and submit them to pathology. My biopsies came back with mild and moderate dysplasia so my doctor wanted me to have a LEEP procedure. I did not have any complications and as far as I have been told, everything has healed up nicely.

Just like with any type of surgery there can be risks involved though. I was told that this should not affect my fertility but there are rare cases were it can cause infertility. I was told that the main concern is possible cervical incompetence, meaning the cervix is unable to stay closed during pregnancy. This can result in miscarriage and/or pre-term labor. A cervical cerclage, where the cervix is sewn closed, can be done to ensure that your cervix remains closed during the pregnancy. I am a bit of a worry wart so I am just hoping that I don’t have to experience either one of these.

If you would like to know the timeline that led up to me having my LEEP procedure then click here to watch my video. Also, my doctor called it a LEEP procedure and that’s what many people refer to it as…but I always feel weird saying it because the “P” in LEEP is for procedure so it’s like procedure… procedure? Anyways… If you have any questions about the procedure, feel free to ask and I can give more details on my experience!