Cycle Day 14

Well today is CD 14 and I don’t have much to share since I’m still not ovulating. I thought the test lines were getting darker each day but after today I am thinking that’s not the case. My test line today looked pretty darn similar to yesterday’s. You just gotta love confusing ovulation test strips!

Here’s a pic from today’s though:


Also, I just love this meme because my husband will always ask me if I’ve peed on my stick for the day


2 thoughts on “Cycle Day 14

  1. Do you pee on it around the same time every day? They say your LH tends to be lower in the early morning so if you’re peeing on it at different times that could also make a difference in how dark the line is. Do you temp? It’s hard to get used to at first but it really is the best way to tell if you’ve ovulated, especially in conjunction with the OPKs. I’m definitely sending luck your way!


    • Yes, give or take an hour. I usually try to do it around 9 or 10 in the morning so maybe I am still doing it too early. I haven’t done temping before but have actually been looking into it. I may just have to try it to see if I can tell if I’m ovulating or not. Thanks so much for the info and hopefully I’ll have some better luck doing both!


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